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About Us

Life is change, but financial planning thrives on preparation. Uniting decades of individual experience, John Finn and Sharon Meehan combined their expertise to deliver a truly personal investing experience. In founding Finn & Meehan Wealth Management, they sought to provide answers to clients’ most pressing questions: Do I have enough? Will it last? Can I sustain and enhance my quality of life? As your advocate, we are driven to create strategies that take the guesswork out of your financial life and seek to strengthen your future. 

Our Commitment

Strong relationships are at the heart of our firm. We believe that chemistry, like experience, cannot be faked. That’s why our active approach to planning starts by creating dynamic conversations with investors. By establishing an open and honest dialogue, we lay the groundwork for a lasting partnership built on your best interests.

Communication and accessibility are integral to advancing your goals. To reinforce our commitment to your success, we make ourselves available to you at your convenience. By holding regular face-to-face meetings and reviews, our team actively maintains your plan through all stages of life.